Joining our team

Thank you for your interest in our lab!
My advance apologies for not responding to all your emails. Please be assured I do read them, but I will be writing back only if I am able to consider you for a position in the lab. 

PhD students: 
IGIB selects its PhD students ONLY through an entrance exam and interviews held around May-July. Please check the IGIB website for more details. 

Project Assistants: 
There will be periodic advertisements for PAs on the IGIB website. Please write to Chetana if you are interested in working in the lab. Please make sure you include your CV with your marks at various levels of education. If you include a short paragraph on why you want to work with us, will get you bonus points!

Short-term Trainees:
Please apply at the appropriate times as described on the IGIB website.

Bright young post-docs are encouraged to write to us at any time of the year. 

When writing to Chetana please add 'ZCG Lab' in the subject line. 
Please be sure to include a very brief paragraph on your specific scientific goals with respect to (1) your career and (2) the scientific questions that interest you in the body of the email. 
Please also attach your CV.